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Respected Friends,

Today, when the development and variation is inevitable; our principal purpose is to submit the solutions on time with better quality which our customers require. TecoDRyer has completed its restructuring process in order to provide better service and resume work on as a leading manufacturer of steel systems for grain storage which is necessary not only today, in the future as well; we continue our operations with international dealings, customer oriented target policies and well-educated professional staff.

Over 100 employers including our construction sites, ability to manage more than 9 construction sites at the same time, simultaneously,producing in 1.000 m2 area are available in our Group. As an old-experienced but young-impassioned company; some of primary reasons why our company takes place in present position are; assuming customer advantages as primary (before our own) advantage, constant customer satisfaction, acting with the slogan “do what you say-say what you do” which we use always.

The capacity of our existing facilities, productivity and quality enhancing investments have been completed, our production capacity has reached the level to respond to the possible increase in market demand in the following years.

Our desire to be stored the cereals in all over the world in steel grain silos, is getting strong day by day.

Our company has ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 standards appropriate Quality Management System, Environmental Management System and Occupational Health and Safety Management System certificates and it applies basic quality management systems in all its activities effectively.

Occupational health and safety contained in our main prioritie, is in hot pursuit, Our effort is increasing to continue positive development in our performance.

Our products design have completed according to European norms, it completed the work of the certification by taking ‘’CE’’ certification for almost all products.

It is not possible to success by making the same thing did by us yesterday.If we are fast and dynamic, we are so valuable for our customers.We know wery well that the companies will be more successful adapting to change, listening to the customer and can survive, and we continue our work on this philosophy.

I assume thanking again and again to TecoDryer staff—eagles— is obligatory owing to the excellent view after our survey to new customers who preferred us. Thanks warmly to all enterprises, co-workers and customers that we co-operate for their contributions and increasing supports.

King Regards,

Chairman of the Board & CEO

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